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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Anish, some more great work here.

    These notes will help you push your skills further.

    -Take a good look at the spacing in the first few jumps. I can see that you are slowing into the stretched take off pose and then popping off the ground fast. Don't forget that you should be accelerating into the stretch so he has enough momentum to take off from the ground.

    -Keep the stretch in line with the path of action, This is really noticable in the jump onto the platform.

    -Make sure he doens't float above the ground on that landing on the platform.

    -The little jumps all feel pretty light and floaty. That is because the vertical spacing is too even.

    -And bring him down so he actually contacts the ground at the end and doesn't float above it.

    These small things will make a huge difference.
    Keep going.