Bob & Larry's Unusual Adventure

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  • gaurodan

    waylow Thank you for the advice. It's quite quite useful to have a pair of outside eyes to see what I cannot. I will most certainly heed your words of kind criticism.

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice one. Love the ending. So cute.

    Here's a couple notes for you to improve your skills.

    -Overall, you can add a few beats in between some of the actions. By that I mean, the animation never stops, it just (mostly) goes from 1 move to the next. But just adding a little pause or 'thinking' room would really add to the character part of this. (I hope that makes sense)
    -Turn on the motion paths and check those arcs. Make sure all of them are arcing all the way to the ground and don't stop moving forward and go straight down on the landings.
    -When you stretch into the jump onto the platform. Check the spacing from the squash to the stretch, and then the distance it travels on that first frame in the air. It goes from really big spacing into the stretch and then instantly slows down in the air. Make those types of transitions smoother.
    (Hope that makes sense)
    -Also on the landings make sure the amount of stretch matches with the speed it is traveling. At the moment some of them are too big so they strobe. (check the 1st landing on the platform)
    -Don't slow down vertically before you hit the ground, check the spacing on the landing after jumping off the platform.

    That will do for now, once you start seeing these things, you can notice them in other spots.

    Great work - keep it up gaurodan.