Excercice: Character Ball

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice one Markus.

    I like the way you think.

    Here's some notes to push your skills further.
    (if you had a frame counter it makes it easier ;) )
    -Check out the arcs on the starting jumps and see if you can keep the stretch in-line with these arcs (they are just a little askew)
    -Also don't slide him along the ground in those jumps. Keep his 'feet' stuck to the same spot.

    -After he looks over the edge, the antic happens too fast. It will need more frames to change direction and when it jumps show the stretched push off the ground.

    -I like how you are trying to get him to pull the ramp. But I didn't realise that is what was happening until he rolled and jumped off it. It looked like it was pushing him. It will be really hard to sell (because he/it doesn't have arms) but try keeping the ramp touching his body during the 'pull' and maybe let him stop to catch his breath in between all the pulling.
    (hope that makes sense)

    Anyway, great work - keep it up.