Character Ball V1

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Alright shahq.
    Excellent job for your first try.

    Rest your eyes for a day or 2 and then take another pass but jave a look at these things.

    -Check the take off on each jump to make sure you are not slowing into the stretched pose before taking off.
    ie- starting from the squash you are slowing out (good). but then the spacing of the stretch slows down and then pops fast once it gets airborne. If you remove the slow down, it will work much better.

    -Also see if you can keep the stretch in line with the arc.

    -Also check the arc of the jump onto the platform.

    -where is the antic when he starts the little jumps while he is on the platform.

    -And check all the vertical spacing on the jumps that look floaty (mainly the ones on the platform)

    I've left my notes a little open for interpretation because I want you to look a little deeper at all the beats and 'see' the stuff I'm talking about for yourself. I know you can shahq. Keep going.