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  • Vanessa Art (vanessaart)

    waylow Ok , Thank you for your feedback

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Woot woot - great work V,

    Here's just a couple things I see. You're probably going to think 'how did I not see that' with the 1st note.

    -Check the T&S as you stretch into the big jump onto the platform. Do you see how you are slowing out of the squash and then speeding up into the stretch? That is good, but then you slow down again while stretching and he pops off the ground.
    Remove the frame that slows this take off down.
    -You are also doing the same thing on the end of the platform.
    -Check the small jumps on the platform and see if you can add just a little more weight by making the vertical spacing less even. (the stretching is making it even)
    -And then think about adding a settle to the top of the ball when it stops at the end of the platform. (just like it did near the start of the animation)

    Good work.