Character Ball

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Great work Anthony, I'm glad to hear that it's all making sense and that you are putting it all into practice. Keep it up.

    Here’s a couple of notes on this one to push your skills further.

    General thoughts:
    -I love your first squash into the wall. Feels great.
    -Look at each movement and make sure it has an antic if it needs one.
    -I agree, a few of the moments need to pause before moving onto the next beat.
    -look for movements that are in straight lines and think, "will this look better if I arc into it?" (more on this below)

    Specific notes:
    -Arc the move from f70-77 (ah-ha that's what he meant)
    -Stretch the take off at f113, This jump just pops off the ground. And watch the spacing of that arc as well as stretch the landing. (just like the bouncing ball - because it is haha)
    -f140, this is a massive antic which doesn't match the speed that he takes off. So make it match but speeding up the take off and making the jump higher, or reducing the size of this antic to match the rest of the jump.
    -Also watch the spacing in the jump, it slows down and speeds up an then slows down again.
    -f300ish, translate the ball up a little to get rid of the penetration here.
    -f348, the ball needs to push off the ground from that squash, not float upwards (if you know what I mean)
    -f363, don't let the ball slow down in the air, make sure it accelerates all the way to the ground. Then give it a settle (overshoot the top control and then come back to this position in the landing)
    -The 'pop' is very evenly spaced, think about the spacing as it has exploded. Which bit is fast and which bit slows down.
    (I'm assuming you were trying to 'pop' it here?)

    But great work so far. A little more polish work and I think you will have an awesome character ball animation on your hands.