Character Ball

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Donbonbon, you're nearly there.

    There's a couple spacing errors that you are repeating in this one. So with a bit of polish work it will shine so much brighter.

    -Have a look at each jump and check that the biggest spacing gap is the one closest to the ground. A lot of your jumps have a small gap on the first frame and then they start to speed up in the air as the ball is going up. This makes it feel floaty on the take offs and landing.
    Then in the jumps on the platform, try to keep the bottom of the ball stuck in the 1 spot as he/it lands and pushes off rather than sliding forward.
    Also slow down the antic moves that get your character moving. ie at the very start, and the start of the platform.

    Hopefully you can see those things now that I have pointed them out. But solve those issues and it will have such a big impact on your animation.

    Keep going.