Stephen Clark's Ball Character Exercise

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  • Stephen Clark (stclark)

    waylow I will definitely go back over this one. One thing I got really good at in this one was adding and subtracting frames using the Dope Sheet editor and the "E" button. It started to feel a great deal more natural and fun, which is why I got carried away and didn't watch the whole video while working on it. Thanks for the feedback.

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Really nice Stephen.

    There's just some areas that can use a bit of a tweak.

    You're doing some similar things in different places so I'll mention the first time I see it, and then you can check over the other places to see if the same fix will apply - if you know what I mean.

    -In the first jump, you have a really lead up into the stretch, but then as soon as he gets airborne the spacing slows down. Check the top of the ball, this frame should be the biggest gap (just as he takes off)

    -Check all the jumps to see if they feel a little slow. Some of them could be fixed by taking out a couple frames to speed it up, but others, just by tweaking the spacing to make it tighter at the top and bigger at the bottom.

    -Think about an overshoot when he gets to the end of the platform. Keep his feet in the same place, but think about the momentum of the top section. Follow through and overlap ;)

    -And make that jump off the end of the platform higher. You build up a lot of energy in that great antic. but then he jumps like 1cm high.

    -The first jump after the landing here needs to be less v shaped and more parabola shaped ;)

    But nice work Stephen. Just a few tweaks (in several spots) and you'll have a super nice animation in the bag. Keep it up.