Character Ball

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Solid ideas in there Kevin, there's just a few things you can do to control your animation.
    Here's a couple a things that will help you push your animation to the next level.

    -Show the stretched landing in the start jumps and match the amount of squash and stretch with the speed that the ball is traveling.
    -Also show the stretched contact frames when the ball is pushing off the ground to jump. This frame is more important than the stretched landing.
    -Make the spiral around f10 a little smaller if you wanted him to pause a little before the next jump. You can also add 2 frames or so to smooth out the movement. But it depends how you want to treat that. It is just a little out of control at the moment.
    -f81ish, watch out for the penetration into the ground and then floating into the air on f81.
    -And don't slow down in the air on f89.
    -Control all the jumps on the platform a little more. By that I mean, slow it down just a little, add the stretched landings and take offs (in contact with the ground). Then see if you can make him stretch inline with the path of action.

    -With the double jump, try a similar thing as if he was actually landing on the ground. So don't float up on the 2nd jump, stick the bottom of the ball to the invisible ground and push off the air. (I hope that makes sense)

    There's the same tiny tweaks that you can make over the entire piece, so once you spot and fix one issue, have a look if you are doing the same thing later on.

    Just a little more control will make this great animation awesome. Keep going Kevin.