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  • Software:Blender 2.77  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Truck materials must resemble plastic
  • 2
    Truck must have at least three different materials
  • 3
    Scene must be rendered with Cycles or Blender Render

Are you ready to work with materials?


This exercise is designed to be a practical test to demonstrate what you learned in the Fundamental of Shading course. Your challenge is to apply materials to the truck model provided in the downloads tab of this exercise such that it looks like a plastic toy. You are encouraged to use the provided photo of a remote control car as a reference for the material. truck_feature


  1. Download the ToyTruck_Start.zip file from the Downloads tab. Unzip and open the included .blend file with Blender.
  2. Use either Cycles or Blender Render to create materials for each part of the truck. Don't be afraid to get creative, the result can be as simple or as complex as you'd like - provided it looks like a plastic toy.
  3. Render the scene, including the floor and lights on the second layer, according to the preset dimensions (1280x720). Save as a .JPG.
  4. Finally, submit your exercise by clicking the Submit Exercise button in the top-right corner of this page and uploading your rendered image.
Hint: Non-metal materials, like plastic, do not have tinted reflections. You'll have to use more than a glossy shader for this exercise.


Instructor's Notes

Check out this video for additional guidance in accomplishing this exercise. Though, I encourage you to watch only after attempting the exercise first. Otherwise it's defeating the intention of the exercise being a challenge in application of the information learned in the Fundamentals of ShadingCourse.