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  • Difficulty:Intermediate

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    TRADITIONAL SCULPTORS - - Sculpt a human hand in a neutral position according to either the provided reference or using your own hand as a reference. Skin texturing is not required to pass, but you are encouraged to give it a shot.
  • 2
    Upload a combination image (1 single image!) of the four views of the sculpture (front, left, right, and back view) via the Submission tab at the top. If you choose your own hand as reference, take pictures from at least the palm and back side of your hand and add these two views to that one image so I can see what you used as a reference.
  • 3
    DIGITAL SCULPTORS - - You can participate in this exercise, but there are a few added layers to this. To pass this exercise with a digital sculpt, take a look at the following tasks: Your primary goal - to make me believe you sculpted in clay!
  • 4
    Pose and sculpt an anatomically correct hand
  • 5
    Texturize the final sculpt, and use appropriate lighting and rendering techniques to present me with an image that looks like a photo taken of a real, traditional clay sculpture.
Putting Your Knowledge To The Test This exercise will challenge you sculpt a human hand according to what you’ve learned. You can use this reference to sculpt a neutral pose of the hand, or use your own to check for details: 3_2-Exercise_Hand01 You can always refer back to the planar model if you run into problems, or simply review the lesson on sculpting the hand. 3_2-Exercise_Hand02 The Goal The hand I want you to sculpt is supposed to be in a neutral pose. This should make your first attempt a bit easier, since no part of the hand is concealed by making a fist for example. Once you’re finished sculpting, submit an image that shows your sculpture from all four sides; front, left, right and the back, in a large enough format so that the details are visible and I will give you feedback. If you get stuck or have any questions in between, please use the Questions tab at the top to pose the question and I will get back to you as soon as I can!