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  • Software:Blender 2.75  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Sculpt Melvin based on the provided artwork using techniques demonstrated in the "Sculpting Melvin" chapter of the Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting course.
  • 2
    Achieve an authentic translation of the character from 2D to 3D considering proportions, pose, and appeal.
  • 3
    Upload your sculpture to https://sketchfab.com.

Applying what you've learned

Now that you know how to use Blender's Sculpt Mode, it's time to put your knowledge to use. This exercise is designed to be relevant practice, serving to confirm your foundational digital sculpting skills.

Your challenge

Beginning with either the melvin_start.blend or melvin_skinMod.blend scene file - available in the "Downloads" tab - your goal is to authentically translate the 2D Melvin from the artwork into a 3D Melvin using Blender and Sculpt Mode. You can follow along with the "Sculpting Melvin" chapter of the Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting course as a guide to successfully recreate the character. Once you finish, upload your model to sketchfab.com and submit it here for grading! (Big orange button at the top right of this page). Here's Kent's sculpture as demonstrated in the course:

Before you submit make sure you've met each of the criteria found in the "Rules" tab. Above all, have fun practicing the art of digital sculpting!