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  • Software:Blender 2.76  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Download and rig the Boxer dog model.
  • 2
    Posture your dog into 2 poses, showcasing the quality of the rig
  • 3
    Submit a filled-in PSD template as .jpg according to the example.


This exercise is designed to give you hands-on experience with basic character rigging. In the Fundamentals of Rigging course, you learned the essential theory and skills needed for preparing a biped for animation. Now for this exercise, the challenge is to apply your knowledge to a quadruped.

We're going to use a Boxer dog model that can be downloaded from Blendswap user, seiyoushimi. CORRECTION: Download the dog file from the Downloads tab instead. The example rig (pictured in the animated .gif to the right) uses all the principles from the Fundamentals of Rigging course, complete with IK constraints and custom bone shapes. While this exercise expects equivalent functionality from your rig, the criteria doesn't require an exact match. Rather I want to encourage and challenge you to be creative in building a unique rig that facilitates a full range of motion.


  1. Download the "Boxer Dog" model from Blendswap. Download the dog model file from the Downloads tab. Open the included .blend file with Blender.
  2. Build a rig for the quadruped according to skeletal reference. Ensure a full range of motion and create intuitive custom control shapes.
  3. Posture your dog into 2 unique poses to showcase the functionality of your rig, enhancing your vertex weighting as needed.
  4. Download the PSD Template and fill in the 2 neutral boxes (model + controls, full rig in xray), 2 pose A boxes (model without rig, model with rig xray), and 2 pose B boxes (model without rig, model with rig xray).
  5. Finally, save out your completed template as a .jpg and submit it here for evaluation!

An example template ready for submission:


Check out this video for additional guidance in accomplishing this exercise. Though, I encourage you to watch only after attempting the exercise first. Otherwise it's defeating the intention of the exercise being a challenge in application of the information learned in the Fundamentals of Rigging Course.

CC Image Attribution: "Wolf skeleton" by Ann