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  • Software:Blender 2.93  ·
  • Difficulty:Intermediate

Time to show off your result!

Once you've finished the Pothead character course , take some time to light and render your completed character in either Eevee or Cycles. I chose to use Kent's realistic industrial environment as my background, but you could use anything from a simple ground plane to the result of a tutorial or a totally unique environment of your own. 

This exercise has a few levels of difficulty you can choose from:

Level 1 - Render the Pothead from the course

If you're a beginner, submit your result after following the course as closely as possible.

Level 2 - Render a unique version of Pothead

If you feel ready for an intermediate challenge, try mixing up your result by changing the textures and a few of the modeled pieces. A few key differences can drastically change his story or attitude. 

Level 3 - Render Pothead with a Pet 

For the experts out there who want to show their mastery over the whole workflow, try building Pothead a scrappy little friend and render them side by side. If you can, use one kitchen related scrap object (such as a rusty tea kettle, a spoon, an egg cracker, etc.) as the defining shape of the head or body. 

Regardless of which challenge you pick, you will be judged on the following:

Modeling - Does your character have good proportions, shapes, and no topology shading issues? 

Texturing - Does your character have textures that make all of the pieces look cohesive, include larger overall gradations as well as smaller details, and avoids texel density or stretching related issues? 

Rendering - Can we see your character clearly and is it presented in an appealing way? 

I can't wait to see your results. Good luck!

If you would like more practice with lighting before doing this exercise, consider reviewing the Fundamentals of Digital Lighting course.