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Melvin Run Cycle - Exercise

  • Difficulty:Intermediate

For the exercise I would like you to animate a character run cycle!

You don't have to use Melvin for this exercise but make sure you watch the Run Melvin Run mini-course  for guidance.

(The Melvin character and file structure from that mini-course is also available in the download below)

I would like you to...

  • Show that you know how to loop a cycle so that there is no glitch at the start/end of the cycle where it repeats.
  • Demonstrate that you can mirror the animation from one side of the character to the other.
  • Also to have fun making your animation (this is the most important thing!)

The exercise submission can either be an in-place run cycle (like the character is on a treadmill) or the character can actually translate forward.  However, if the character is translating forward please render it so it appears like the character is on a treadmill.

(this is shown in the mini-course above)

You can 'render' the shot but a viewport render is perfectly acceptable

Make sure you loop your cycle several times so we can get a good look at it.  If you don't know how to do this check out this video.

You can also add a ground for your character to run on.


  • Seamless Loop

                     Make sure that all the tangents at the start and the end of the cycle flow smoothly when they are meant to.

  • Cycle Length

                     Loop the cycle several times in your video (5 seconds should be enough)

  • Cycle Symmetry

                     Mirror the animation so that both sides of the cycle look the same.

                     (you only have to do half the work with this technique)

  • Camera Placement

                     If your character is moving forward - constrain or parent the camera so that it looks like the character is on a treadmill.