Lighting a Bedroom in Unity

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Introduction to Unity for Beginners

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  • Software: Unity 5.0
  • Difficulty:

Lighting a Bedroom

Learn how to use the new lighting tools in Unity with this bedroom. Use PBR materials, reflection probes, lights and bake it all down to create a beautifully lit room. 


To submit your exercise upload a still image of your completed room (a screenshot is fine). Feel free to make changes to textures and materials along with lights. The end result should demonstrate you understand how to properly use mixed lighting in your scene along with using additional components like reflection probes, emissive materials and post processing (optional). 

Completed Exercise

Below is the video showing off the completed version of this exercise. 

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Use the Progressive lightmapper to bake out lighting (mixed or baked alone)
  • 2
    Reflection probes should be used for reflections of shiny objects and must also work with mirror like surfaces
  • 3
    Add emissive materials to light bulbs in the scene

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