• Software:Blender  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

For your first exercise, we are going to practice using all the tools that you have learned about.

We are not creating anything usable.  All I want you to do is show me that you've actually played around with the tools!

So, for example, practice...

  • Extruding with the E key as well at the Extrude tool, and Extrude to cursor (control click)
  • Duplicate some bones, 
  • Insert a bone at your cursor location
  • Play around with the bone roll (Ctrl R)
  • Flip the direction (Alt F)
  • Play around with parenting. 
  • Subdivide the bones.
  • Change the display mode, and the bbone display size 
  • etc

Please turn on the bone axes and  submit a viewport render (View > Viewport Render Image) as armatures will not display in a "real" render.

Have fun and show me your monstrosities!
Here is mine.