Shape Challenge II

  • Software:Photoshop CS6  ·

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Download the Practice Worksheet for this exercise.
  • 2
    Use the shapes provided to create awesome Halloween inspired characters!
  • 3
    Submit your exercise under the "submissions" tab!


  Welcome to our special Halloween Special Shape Challenge Exercise! We have done a Shape Challenge before with our first Shape Challenge on random shapes and received a lot of great entries and is a fine demonstration of how the shape challenge is done!   shapeexamples   These exercises are great because they can be done by those just starting out in digital art or those who have been working digitally for years. Like said in the previous exercise, this is a fundamental exercise that forces creativity from a given limitation. It allows the artist to explore their own abilities and showcase how you interpret each shape. This halloween themed exercise is focused on shading and color used to complete each shape. Below is the practice worksheet that you can download! You can find this on the "Downloads" tab under the header image near the top of this exercise! Halloween_Shape_Challenge


  The original shapes were purposely outlined in a familiar Halloween character and the challenge was set to take some of the shapes and create something unique and unexpected. vonnhalloweenshapes2 This was a fun exercise to see all the different takes on the outlines and what that shape could be filled in with. This also is a good practice for shading and working on subject matter that may be outside a comfort zone. Below are some submissions that stood out for their use of filling the outline with forms that work and have a recognizable subject matter. In order the users are: Joshua Allenmayar ghalyJulia Atanasova, and shrapnel. They are great examples of how to treat this exercise. Using the given outline and creating something that not only fits but makes the viewer forget there was an outline to begin with. The original challenge was to take the outline and create a concept, the other challenge was sticking with a halloween theme. halloweenexamples While it's important to fill in the different outlines completely, it's equally important to not force anything to fit the outline and have the form make sense. I see some submissions that are forcing the form to fit all the gaps and crevasses and it forced an awkward look upon the shape. When you finish the exercise, remember to submit the result to the "Submissions" tab near the top of this exercise. You can see other submissions alongside your own!