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  • Software:Blender 2.8x  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Applying what you've learned

The whole purpose of exercises are to reasonably measure 2 things: 1) You watched and understand the course well enough to 2) apply the skills on your own.

The first part of this exercise is simply to create what you've seen created in the Stylized Forest course. From low-poly, sapling-generated trees to particle grasses to Eevee fog and compositing - replicate the whole project! Show me that you understand what you've learned and can apply it equally or better.

If you think the above render looks different than the course result, you are correct. That's the second part of the exercise. Read all the instruction clearly to pass!


  1. Watch the Stylized Forest course.
  2. Apply the techniques taught there to create your own forest scene.
  3. Add new elements to your scene to make it unique, showing that you can apply these skills beyond what's taught in the course.
  4. Render a 1920x1080 image of your forest as a JPG.
  5. Submit your exercise by clicking the "Submit Exercise" button and filling out the form + uploading your JPG.

Adding new assets to your forest

Creating a forest like the one in the course is just the beginning of this exercise. The real challenge comes with creating new assets to your scene. My version adds a creek, stones, and a couple broken stumps:

You hold the power to make this forest unique. Do not waste that power! You don't have to do the same updates as me. Here's some ideas to get your brain gears turning:

  • Broken tree limbs on the ground
  • Another style of tree
  • A waterfall in the background
  • Animal(s)
  • Implement night-time lighting
  • Change the season to a winter forest 
  • Whatever you want that makes sense in a forest is 👌