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Acting Out Subtext

  • Difficulty:Intermediate

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Deliver the same line of dialogue with 3 different meanings
  • 2
    Subtext conveyed with physicality, vocal delivery, or both.
  • 3
    Takes are labeled with verb and/or short descriptor.

Deliver the same line of dialogue with 3 different meanings.

This can be done with your physicality as well as vocal delivery.

When uploading: Label your takes like the others (#1, #2, #3) but also add the verb or a short descriptor that best describes your performance:

  • Take 01- Befuddle
  • Take 02 - To Please
  • Take 03 - Millennial Sass

Choose which type of descriptor makes the most sense for take specifi take (this will make sense once you try to label them). Frame counter optional.

**To critique - pick what one was your favorite and why.