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  • Software:Photoshop CC  ·
  • Difficulty:Intermediate

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    You must create a minimum of 10 robot designs.
  • 2
    What the function and purpose of the robot is up to you but you should have at least 10 robot designs that are unique and showcase a variety with creativity.
  • 3
    Once finished, submit your exercise to be reviewed and looked over under the "Submissions" tab for grading!

Create 10 robot thumbnails!

With human characters, there is a certain build and frame you will most likely have to cater to but with robots you are given freedom to explore strange shapes and proportions. So don't just stick to the typical human structure. Have fun with exaggerating the different features and proportions. 

When doing thumbnails, you will typically have the first few be pretty rough as you're warming up. You are feeling it out, getting your brain set to concept and it's normal to have a couple bad ones right out the gate. Then you will enter a sweet zone where you're moving fast, the strokes are loose and exploratory, and then you can create a great range of variety and creativity.