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1 Action, 3 Characters

  • Difficulty:Intermediate

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    1 action is distinctly acted as 3 different characters
  • 2
    Actor is successfully "Playing the Action"
  • 3
    Different takes are labeled according to each unique character description.

Film yourself undertaking a simple action while portraying many different characters. 

Start by thinking about your status to the environment. If your scenario seems very generic or ‘not much can happen’, it’s your job to make something happen by ‘playing the action.’

For example - If you are hungry.  You could just sit there and pat your tummy. But what is another  action? Do you look for food in the cupboards? Do you go hunting? Do you start to eat one of your limbs? Play the action.

If you are ‘answering the door’, don’t just open the door. Who is on the other side? How do you react? Is it your long lost brother? Thinking like this will make something happen.  

Congratulations, you’re acting!  (Oh and it’s ok to mime actions and objects too - like the door.)

When uploading:

Label your takes and add a descriptive title for each of the character you are playing. Something like “Scared hero” or “Lazy boss”.  (Not an actual character name like “Fred Jones” or “John Smith”). Frame counter optional.

Some example scenarios:

  • sitting on the couch/chair
  • entering a room
  • giving a presentation
  • eating a meal
  • closing a door
  • answering the door
  • opening the fridge (you can mime the fridge)
  • kicking a ball
  • digging a hole
  • writing a letter
  • receiving a present
  • waiting in a line
  • on hold (on the phone)
  • watching TV
  • doing your job (whatever that is)
  • playing poker
  • giving yourself a pep talk in the mirror

...or anything else you can think of! Be creative.