The first exercises is done)

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thanks for the awesome exercise!

  • Download and open the practice worksheet for this exercise.
  • Observe and create leather on the various forms provided. Do your best to recreate the material to the best of your ability
  • Work with different variations of leather, some can be more treated and shiny while others can remain worn and matte.
  • Submit your work this exercise under the "Submissions" tab for grading!
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6 Responses to “The first exercises is done)”
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    frikkr says:

    Great work :) I am very impressed!

    My only tiny little nitpick would be that personally I would like to have seen some warmer colours mixed in there. To me it just feels a tiny bit de-saturated and bland colourwise. But that is of course my personal opinoin so take it or leave it :)

    But overall it is some amazing work, well done!

    • Posts: 1
      semo4ka2006 says:

      thank you for advice, I’m totally agree with you. Some warm color spots could add vitality to my work

  2. Posts: 7068
    me1958424 says:

    exercise accomplished…
    good representation (perhaps the only thing missing is the variety of kinds of leather)…
    good work.

  3. Posts: 86

    Great job on this! Definitely gave a good sheen to the surface of the material.

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