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Posted To: Exercise 42: Creating Blocks

not as cool as the other submissions, but here are my boxes anyways :p Gotta practice some more. Feedback is always appreciated.

  • Download and open the practice worksheet for exercise 42: Creating Blocks
  • Observe and analyze the idea behind building blocks in 2-point perspective. Follow the tips and notes on the image file.
  • Submit your work for exercise 42 under the "Submissions" tab for grading!
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6 Responses to “Perspective…”
  1. Posts: 402
    Ryan Sweeney says:

    Nice! Putting your vanishing point on the left threw me off at first as most folks had been using the center. Good job!

    • Posts: 24
      rk12 says:

      Thanks! I just kinda wanted to give it a go, heh.

  2. Posts: 1666

    Criteria met. This is just a fun exercise to play and observe. The dark green box appears to be floating above the plane.

    • Posts: 24
      rk12 says:

      Yeah, that green box is really floating away from the rest 😀

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