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Posted To: Modeling a Stylized Building

Modifiers used:
1. Array and rotated empty for the individual room elements to form one floor
2. Array with relative offset of 1 for number of floors
3. Start and end cap unique geometry for ground floor and roof respectively
4. Lattice with bend deformer for twist rooms in center(PS: this was a happy accident – normals are probably quite scary inside, but it looks kinda cool rendered in cycles)
5. Taper deformer over lattice for pinch to top

  • Model must be of a building
  • Model must by stylized or exaggerated in some way
  • The building must be at least four stories tall
  • Modifiers used must be listed in the exercise description
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13 Responses to “Modifier Building”
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    Looking good! The balconies in the back look they they would be really uncomfortable to use, but otherwise solid work

    • Posts: 10
      Hein Schultz says:

      Many thanks. Yes I wouldn’t want to stay in that hotel – can you imagine the cramped on suite bathrooms 😉
      Doing this again, I would probably add a wall segment to the instanced geometry, to try push the rooms a little further apart from one another. Luckily doing something like this would be fairly easy. These modifiers are powerful.

  2. Posts: 12

    Awesome model. Balconies are disproportional from each other, however.

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