Lighting Exercise

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Posted To: Lighting a Simple Bedroom

Interesting exercise. Used an hdr for the lighting with a sun lamp and portal lamp. Still a bit noisy.

  • Light the bedroom scene for daytime.
  • Light the bedroom scene for nighttime.
  • Ensure that both are appealing.
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8 Responses to “Lighting Exercise”
  1. Posts: 6587
    me1958424 says:

    exercise completed…
    interesting day and night looks right…
    good work.

    • Posts: 1405

      I really like the look of a new moon. Somewhat opposite of the way people think moon light should look. Almost looks like a day for night filter with the sharp shadows.

  2. Posts: 176
    kgrinder says:

    Pretty bright sky for day and pretty dark for night, but the lighting in the room looks good. Yes for me.

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