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Posted To: Compositing a Coffee Scene

It’s great to feel like I am finally getting a basic understanding of the node editor

  • Reconstruct the Cycles render passes into a cohesive image with the Compositor.
  • Composite an image of smoke to represent coffee steam.
  • Enhance the image for appeal.
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7 Responses to “Compositing”
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    Hein Schultz says:

    I haven’t done the compositing course yet, so feel free to ignore, but I think you’ve nailed the steam from the coffee cup. I’m not 100% sold on the “enhance image” bit though. It feels like the coffee is so darn hot that it’s causing the cup to glow :-) Again, I’m not familiar yet with the compositor but I’d imagine it being a simple solve to just back off the opacity on that effect? Also the darker “vignette” like effect on the rest of the image is a bit strong. So in a nut shell, like the Steam, not sure about the enhancements.

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    me1958424 says:

    exercise accomplished…
    steam added and image enhanced…
    good work.

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