PRESS START: Your Simple First Blender Project

Jonathan Lampel

Looking for a simple modeling, texturing and lighting Blender project?

This Blender course is...

✅ made for beginners (or those who need a refresh)
✅ perfect as your first Blender project
✅ possible to complete on a weekend
✅ designed to be customized by you
❌ for creating a real game console (sorry!)

Oh, did I mention... we're keeping it light 
Creating in Blender should be fun, first and foremost. 

That is why we're bringing back an iconic 80s handheld gaming console from an alternate CG Cookie universe.

This object, though eternal and glorious, is just an example for teaching you the Blender workflow... so you can get up and running on creating your own endless Blender projects.

Totally new to Blender?

Watch the Blender Basics first 
Don't worry: it's quick. You'll learn to navigate in 3d space, move objects, and more. 
Stream the Blender Basics

1️⃣ First, we'll model the console

In this part, you will learn how to...

  • model in Blender from a reference image
  • create your own mesh shapes
  • use the most important modeling tools
  • use modifiers (makes your life easier!)

2️⃣ Next, we'll add materials and textures

A model without textures is like a rhino without a pink bow on its horn. Just... boring.

Learn how to:
  • add materials
  • apply and customize textures 
  • load an animation
  • use a generated pattern

3️⃣ Let's light this and get to rendering

To make our model shine, we will apply nice, basic Blender lighting and render it out for the ultimate beauty shot.

Ultimately, you can make your own little pocket game console and customize and shape it however you want.

Plus: Learn how to troubleshoot and avoid pitfalls

Starting with Blender can be overwhelming. I'll show you the mistakes to avoid and the tricks I wish I knew when I was first starting out.

Feeling lost? We're here to help.

As CG Cookie member, you can ask any questions along the way and we will help you out with any roadblocks.

We also want to see your result: share your final render in CG Cookie Gallery so the rest of us can see your masterpiece! 

We love sharing your work on our social media, so make sure to tag your @ handles to your profile.

Get Caught Up

Are you brand new to Blender?

These courses should help you get up to speed in no time.

Awarded upon completion:
100xp +
Course Curriculum
23 Reviews
  • bernard ·

    learned a lot of trick, especially with faces and edges

  • M
    Miguel Gonzalez(MaicGonzalez) ·

    Challenging but very well explained, worth taking

  • A
    Anne Toonen(Annekoeken) ·

    I learned so much in this course.

  • b
    Eric Hamdan(bisondark30) ·
    I came here after going through Jonathan's Blender Basics videos on YouTube. The transition from those videos to this course was well executed. I'm happy with the outcome and the skills I've gained.
  • i
    Isabel Bautista(isabautista00) ·

    I was completely new and it's amazing how much I learned, how good it is taught and the community is amazing too. I had a problem and within 10 minutes I had 10 messages helping me solve it. 100% recommend

  • S
    Austin Vieth(SirWaldo) ·

    I had an amazing time with this course, definitely had some challenges, but overall it was a really good way to get started in Blender.

  • a
    adam espinet(aespinet) ·

    After running through the classic doughnut tutorial a few years ago. I've decided to take up leaning blender again. It is always daunting learning a new skill but his course is very easy to follow and has helped me kickstart a working foundation in blender. I'm ready and excited to learn more!

  • Jesse Palato(AstroHammer101) ·

    Coming from the basics course, and studying it pretty thoroughly, I really enjoyed this one. So much of what was taught in basics was put to work in this project. A lot of extra stuff too that I'm mad excited to learn more about. 

    I had things go screwy in almost every video, but I buckled down and persevered using everything I was taught in the basics to push my way through. Learned some new things to look out for too. 

    I'm addicted. On my way to the next course!

    • author Wes Burke(wesburke) ·

      Hey there! I'm so pleased you were able to push yourself and keep going. That's half the battle! Happy to have you a part of the community and happy Blending!

  • E
    Eric Szabo(Eric) ·

    I think that title says it all!

    Great series. Good Pacing. Great explanations. Fun finished product!


  • D
    Daniel Harewood(Drahanimator) ·

    I'm hoping the knowledge from this walkthrough translates into other projects. The talking was a little to fast and the instructions moved on without explanation once in a while. 7/10. 

    • author Wes Burke(wesburke) ·

      Thanks for the review and feedback. I'd recommend taking the Fundamentals of 3D modeling course next if you haven't already. It helps affirm things covered quickly in PRESS START with some good takeaways. Happy Blending!