BLENDER BASICS: An Introduction to Blender 3D 4.X

Jonathan Lampel

Whether you want to learn how to create 3D models, visual effects, or your own short films, this is a great place to start getting creative in Blender!

To get started with Blender you need...

  • ❌ drawing skills
  • ❌ 3d experience
  • ❌ a super computer
  • ✅ excited curiosity
  • ✅ a little patience

Whether you're completely new to the world of 3D graphics, switching to Blender 3D from another 3D Software, or a rusty returning hero from the 2.5 days, the Blender Basics will guide you through your first steps in Blender 4.x.

We'll cover all of the essential features that you'll need to know in order to build your very first Blender model.

Why learn Blender 3D?

Blender 3D is the fastest growing 3d suite in the world. In 2022, it was downloaded +17 million times and it's now backed (sponsored) by some of the biggest companies in the world - including Adobe, Facebook, and Epic Games.

Blender 3D is an essential tool for 3D creators around the world and has become the leading alternative to extremely expensive programs like Maya and Max.

FREE Bonus

Blender hotkey cheatsheet included!

A quick reference guide for commonly used hotkeys in Blender can help you work more efficiently.

Course Overview

Chapter 1

Intro to 3D Space

We’ll start you off with a brief overview of Blender and introduce you to the world of 3D by demonstrating how to navigate and work with objects.

Chapter 2

Editing Objects

Things will start to really take off as you learn numerous ways to edit objects, many of them easier than you might expect! We’ll tackle instancing, advanced transforms, basic modeling tools, and much MUCH more!

Chapter 3

The Blender Way

Lastly, you'll learn the basics of each of the main areas of Blender, from animation to sculpting, as well as how to set yourself up for success going forward. 

Start creating with Blender today!

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Course Curriculum
12 Reviews
  • j
    Andy Grogan(jag3D) ·

    Helped speed me up quite a bit. The instructor is clear, and the material is so well chosen and presented. 

    The course videos serve as a Quick Lookup Reference source.

  • z
    zharnite ·

    Great overview of the basics. Well structured. And the right amount of detail/information to get started in Blender. 

  • r
    Robert McGregor(robblender22) ·
    This section of the course has been instrumental in familiarizing me with Blender's user interface. I've learned how to perform essential functions such as deleting, editing, adding, coloring, rotating, and scaling objects. Additionally, I've gained proficiency in using Geometry Nodes and the sculpting tools.
  • David Bowater(drbowater) ·
    I've been using Blender on/off since version 2.69 so needed a good refresher. This was a very handy course and I learned new things. The instructor Jonathan Lampel is very good at his job. I can't wait to do more courses here. 
  • Dean Ylong(TheBurger200) ·

    It covers how to navigate the program, demonstrates the basic tools to manipulate objects, and touches on the different workflows such as animation, sculpting and grease pencil. The content was well paced and presented, not being under or over informative. I also appreciate when common errors or problems were brought up, with explanations to solving them if we were to run into them.

  • S
    Austin Vieth(SirWaldo) ·

    It not only covers what you can do, but why you might do something a particular way. Amazing, really appreciate the care taken when creating this course!

  • a
    alexis flamand(alexflam) ·

    Excellent tutos ! :)

  • Z
    Zoe Goflberg(ZoeGolfeberg) ·
    This is the best Blender basics course I could've ever asked for as a complete beginner, I have been interested in 3d for a long time but never took action to start learning this new skill set until a week ago, this course was excellent! it helped provide me with a solid base and understanding of Blender and its core functionalities, very thankful for this amazing experience!!
    • author Wes Burke(wesburke) ·

      So pleased it helped and welcome to the community! 

  • a
    Andrew Dlask(andrew1630) ·

    Just finished this course after joining CG Cookie, i like that there are a variety of topics that i can search for as i started with a tutorial on youtube, then i had progressed to purchase courses on udemy but the task of going through a whole basics to advanced level more than once, though there were difference things in each course focused on, i wasn't as engaged as i am with the ability to search for topics directly and go through courses to learn what i'd like to at the moment, it was a good go over of the basics and helped to get a more broad understanding of what to expect working in blender. Quite well put together to.

  • Chris Le Fave(RedOmicronCreator) ·
    Excellent intro! It's good to be able to do things in Blender and not feel as though I could permanently make a mistake. This course even helped me to go back and correct previous errors in previous projects! Amazing! The windows and navigation course is underrated. Speaker is kind, well spoken, clear, and thorough. I like how at the end of lessons, he will give you a challenge to help you better understand the lesson.