Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

This course gives a full overview of the tools we will be working with and where to find them for you to use in your own work. Never again will you be confused by what the difference is between a 4B and 6H pencil!

The Tools and Where to Find Them

In these lessons we are covering Graphite Pencils, Mechanical Pencils, Sketchbooks, and Erasers.

The Tool Quiz

Is your knowledge sharp enough to remember what you learned?

These lessons will cover the materials and tools used throughout this course ad give an in-depth look at how and when to use them. We are covering only a fraction of traditional tools and mediums out there, so keep that in mind.

I will cover Traditional Pencils, Mechanical Pencils, Sketchbooks, and Erasers. Never again will you be confused as to what the difference between a 4B and 6H pencil is. There is also a look at the difference between graphite and charcoal and what the benefits and flaws to each are. I will also include links to the tools you see as some of them you may only be able to find online:

Now you may find yourself leaning towards a different medium all together, such as pens or paints. There is no right or wrong tool to choose, it all comes down to personal preference. These overviews are a closer look at the tools I have found that fit my needs and I’m telling you now, it comes down to a lot of experimenting with trial and error!

Lesson Questions and Answers

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    I wanted to download the videos from this chapter but the one “Mechanical Pencils: HD Video” is a dead link.

    Is someone encountered the same problem?

    Thanks for your answers,
    Have a nice day 😉

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      Hi, Clara. Indeed, same here.. I think there is some problem with the link.

      Have a nice day too!

      11 months ago

      • Thank you for letting me know, the link should be fixed now!

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Continued Learning

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