Sculpting Straight Surfaces

Learn how to sculpt straight, technical surfaces and get familiarized with hard, wax-based sculpting mediums and the difference in workflow.
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The art of making a soft material appear hard

Have ever tried sculpting a cube? Or a car? A sword? If so, have you noticed how hard it is to get the edges straight, not wobbly, and the surface smooth, not bumpy? Every sculptor battles these things when it comes to hard-surface objects: Things made to look like metal, stone, or other hard material. It's one thing to sculpt an organic human body or creature, where nothing is straight and where imperfections can be forgiven. Sculpting straight surfaces is another animal. But like anything, workflow and technique can make you successful with sculpting straight surfaces.

What You Will Learn

  There are several factors that will affect the efficiency and quality of sculpting straight surfaces. In this course you will learn about:

  • Two materials that are best for the job.
  • The most capable toolset.
  • And the actual process of sculpting two hard-surface objects: A fantasy shield and sci-fi helmet.