Important Traditional Drawing Tips

Looking for some tips to help improve your traditional pieces? Look no further as we give share some advice on just that!
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Get Familiar with these Important Drawing Tips

If you're looking to better understand the fundamentals of art such as Value, Lighting, or Color then I would recommend following our Art Fundamental Flow. These tips go further with looking at Contrast, Size Relation and Creating a Personal Style. 

The best tip above all is this: PRACTICE. You may have heard the saying, "You must first get through 10,000 crap drawings before producing anything worth while. So no matter what level you are at, it will never hurt to keep drawing and push yourself to refine your pieces. This could be within the edge control or a more balanced shading. Keep your art fresh and you will enjoy the process that much more! Also if there is a question you may have about Traditional work, let me know below. You never know if I may pick to answer one of those questions in the form of a short tutorial to add to this list!