Game C# Programming Bootcamp

Learn C# game programming for Unity from the ground up in this epic Unity Training Course. In this Unity video tutorial learn to play animations, control UI elements or build interactivity with physics within the Unity Game Engine.
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Become a C# Game Programmer

Programming is an invaluable skill and even more when building a game in Unity. Programming will allow you to control all aspects of your game ranging from animation, to physics to talking with other characters in game. In this video training course nderstanding how to do this from the ground up can be incredibly rewarding. If you're new to game development or new to C# programming games this course is for you. 

In this Unity training course you'll learn

  • How to access other components to talk to another script
  • Play audio clips through script
  • Use UI Event systems to load a level or menu
  • Control Time to pause or slow down time
  • Use Raycasts to move objects around for point and click
  • Create fixed rotation movements for fixed weapons
This is a follow up course to the popular C# Bootcamp and intended to be an updated version for Unity 2018. 

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