Fundamentals of Weapon Mechanics in Unity

Learn the fundamentals of how a first person shooter weapon operates by incorporating animations, audio clips and scripting.
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Let's Build a Weapon within Unity

In this first course of the Unity First Person Shooter flow we'll create a weapon from the ground up. This course is aimed at intermediate to advanced users as we will be covering varying aspects to build this weapon. The project files will include a first person rig that includes a pistol that we will be using in this course. While the course does utilize a pistol, note that all the techniques covered in this course can be applied to any weapon type. So what will you learn how to build? This course will cover:

  • Raycasting which will display bullet hole textures to indicate impact
  • Mecanim animation states to control the various animations of our rig
  • Using Animation events to call a function at a precise moment
  • Scripting to control everything including when to call certain animations, audio or functions
  • Adjusting the rate of fire based on the weapon type
  • Shooting projectiles for things like a paintball gun or rocket launchers
  • Utilizing iron sights on a weapon when right clicking

By the end of this course you should feel confident to build your very own FPS weapons from machine guns to pistols to even projectile based weapons. This will be part of a series of courses that will guide you from start to finish on how to build a first person shooter. Note that this course is aimed at intermediate users of Unity so these are recommend courses to watch before hand to get a better grasp of the concepts taught:

Additionally I'd recommend going through the entire Unity flow altogether as future FPS courses will delve into all aspects of Unity at one point. The Intro to Unity Flow is a great start in learning the fundamentals of Unity in general.   Note that certain assets used in this course cannot be provided which include the various audio clips used. Sound clips were purchased from or downloaded from