Fundamentals of Game Publishing

Learn the fundamentals of how to build for PC, Mobile, and Web platforms using a variety of tools and built-in settings in Unity.
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Build and Share Your Game

In this course you'll learn how to build and share your game for multiple platforms including PC, mobile and web. Building your game in Unity is the hard part, but now it's time to share your game online through a variety of marketplaces or just to share online for free using the web player.

In this course we'll discuss how to:

  • Use the development build of your game
  • Use the profiler to check for performance bottlenecks
  • Add icons for branding
  • Adding external tools like Android Studio and the Java Development Kit
  • Build for the Gear VR
  • Using Unity remote for quick testing
  • Uploading a Web GL project to both Dropbox and Wordpress

By the end of this course you'll know how to take your game from development to final build using the most popular platforms available.