Complete Drawing Timelapses and Inspiration Lectures

These lectures go alongside complete drawing time lapses of a sketch from the first mark to the last. These are meant to be a visual learning experience while discussing important topics regarding your own work.
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Dive a little deeper with some knowledge on various art topics

The lessons in this section are more visual lectures to hopefully inspire you. I believe the most valuable asset in creating art is the confidence within yourself and determination to keep going. You have to trust your intuition with your decision making but also have a critical eye to better access what is working within your piece and what needs to be improved upon. I can teach you how to blend and outline all day but only you can do the work necessary to better your skill set. I have uploaded a condensed version of each drawing to fit around 10 - 20 minutes each but we will be releasing the full length video of each soon (which will be hefty in gigs) if you would like to see the entire process in real time as well! 

There are many more topics I can divulge upon and you will see this section updated from time to time with even more full timelapse drawings alongside a topic to talk on. If you have a suggestion feel free to leave one below!