Held Fri Oct 5th 2018

"His blade glistened in the glow of a sickly yellow moon. Edging closer to his target, he crept up from behind. Raising his hand for a lethal stroke - and then stabbing, stabbing with abandon, face distorted with rage. He only stopped once the victim's head lay motionless on the ground, hollow eyes forever glaring at the cold, silent moon."

In short, carving pumpkins is great fun.

This Halloween, your challenge is to create an epic Blender pumpkin. Using digital carving techniques within Blender, come up with a presentation of your pumpkin that would frighten a Rancor.

And while scary is our key theme, the interpretation is up to you: funny-creepy (like clowns, or the Kardashians), pop-culture inspired spooky (most music videos by Grimes), or straight up terrifying (again, the Kardashians).

All types of pumpkins are welcome, but if you're unsure about something. Ask it in our online discussion topic.  Or if you're looking to Scan your very one pumpkin try this course out: https://www.cgcookie.com/course/creating-a-realistic-3d-photo-scanned-pumpkin 

The contest closes for entires on Halloween (that's October 31st at midnight Chicago time by the way).