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Floating Isles

Ok, this started out as a sci-fi-ish floating isle then it turn into a fantasy isle. :O

I like it but I don’t like it. The lightening is too generic.

The composition also seems weak to me, this is cropped a lot.

This is finished but I am looking for suggestions to make it stronger. It still can be changed.


Photoshop, Time: Unknown (Don’t remember xD)

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2 Responses to “Floating Isles”
  1. Posts: 18
    frank jaeger says:

    I think the lightning turned great and good reflections from the lightning but you can tell that the two on top are duplicates.
    The wall surrounding the center island seem out of place even redundant, ground assault seems unlikely and it dosent realy mach the architect of the city. The art work itself is great.

  2. Posts: 12
    Andrej says:

    lightening is great but try to make this city more medieval looking and more darker also this is for the wall but everything else is great.

    Hope this will help you and cheers mate 😀

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