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Character WIP

this is a character that ive been doing in painter 12 and there still a lot to do but im happy with what i have done so far

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4 Responses to “Character WIP”
  1. Posts: 12

    The feet are drawn or is it a photo?
    looks good, later on you have to create this character in 3d 😀


  2. Posts: 21

    hey theres a photo underneath the image for proportion and im also planing to do a 3d model for it to :)

    • Posts: 12

      Is there a big difference between ps and painter?
      BTW can you put a link off the reference photo?
      Nice drawing 😀


  3. Posts: 21

    um well i dont really know but i think you can do more in photoshop and painter simulates real life brushes and paint which i think is amazing and also that as a traditional guy that uses such things like oil paints and watercolours and wanting to get into digital i think painter is good and also its made by artist for artist and it has a cool feature in it which instead of everything being pixealised when you zoom in it makes it all smooth shown in the video

    and the ref is in the link below :)

    and also that software works for PC & mac but it was manly developed for a mac which i use :)

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