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Bérénice Bejo Sketch

Watched the movie “The Artist” last night and when I arrived back to my apt I wanted to sketch a profile of the actress that played in it. She has a beautiful facial structure and I enjoy black and white sketching.

Total time: 1.5 hours

Software: Photoshop

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2 Responses to “Bérénice Bejo Sketch”
  1. Posts: 12

    Wow this is amazing, did you draw it with a ref photo after the movie?
    You should do a tut serie about the parts of the face (nose, mouth, eyes, ears)!
    AMAZING job XD


  2. Posts: 35
    jeremiah r says:

    Nice one It looks really good. For some reason the left side(right side of pic) of her jaw seems a little weird to me it could be the shadows, or just put a little more hair there covering that line. Good job though I can’t draw half that good. 😛 keep it up cyas

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