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Imagine placing a couple of branches of leaves, grab a small handful of wild vine, flowers and dry pedals and place them on top of a water color painting. Now, paint all of the above.

All painted in Photoshop, Intous 3, reference and none references were used to paint the piece

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    That’s SOO awesome exactly how did you do it? Did you paint any of it? Did you scan in some real weeds and stuff?

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      Pui Che says:

      Thanks Marissa, the entire piece is all painted in Photoshop.

      I took photo reference of our front-yard garden and place the plants as references on one monitor, and try to paint them on another, some are just made up, while most where real plants that exist.

      a couple of examples::

      – the couple of flowers with its stems on the center right- with one showing its flower pedals still new-ish, and the one below it is kinda dry and frail; both flowers were actually nicked the same time, and referenced a few days apart. admittedly, real plants(many!) WERE harmed during the process, but the immense experience that they bring for study and learning, is invaluable.

      This piece was painted over a span of a year? just picking it up now and then to experiment on style, how tos and various experimentals.

      How do you approach your work? do you have pieces that are just short of “experience collage”, short concepts, sketches? Its quite fun to experiment in different lengths per project.

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    jayd says:

    I’m two years too late to see this but I want to comment anyway; It’s beyond beautiful—and I will tell you this–if this were my piece I would have it reprinted on fabric and sell it. Clothes designers scramble for this kind of work. Nicely executed!

    I would love to see a tutorial on this piece.

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      Pui Che says:

      Thanks so much. jayd. Glad you like it.

      it isn’t much, but i do have a few of my prints on sale over here on Society6.

      Thank you for your compliment again.

      Kindest regards,


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