Course: Tutorial: Drawing the Nose

Hello and welcome to this tutorial on how to draw the nose!

In this Citizen tutorial Tim Von Rueden takes you through drawing the nose in a front, side, and 3/4 view. The tutorial follows the handout given in Exercise 24 and will go through the process of sketching, shading, and coloring the nose.

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As a Citizen member you get access to the complete streaming course, including all project files and the ability to download the individual video. The resources in this course include the following: The final .PSD with each layer and the HD video.

What you’ll learn in this tutorial

You can download the handout from our Exercise 24 post HERE. Below is the results from the tutorial but the initial handout will be blank for you to add your own versions and noses!


In this tutorial we take you through how to draw the nose also using the reference we creating before that gives simple guidelines on drawing certain aspects of the nose and tips to help you remember the process.


♫ Song Used – Bye Bye 2010 by Pitx 

With this tutorial you will have the knowledge to draw the nose accurately and with confidence!

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    Laursen says:

    Where is the thing for the citizens that you are talking about? ^^

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      Right under the video itself, there is an option for “Download Files” where if you click it you can download either the HD Video or the .PSD file!

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