Course: Creating Realistic Wrinkles and Folding Fabric

Welcome to this tutorial on Creating Realistic Wrinkles and Folding Fabric

In this course Tim Von Rueden takes you through the steps on creating realistic clothing wrinkles and folding fabric. In this three part series, we first take a look at the basics and understanding how clothing and fabric works. From there we look at a demonstration on creating realistic folding fabric and then taking all that we’ve learned previously and drawing a few examples of drawing clothing from that.


This tutorial is the direct result from being the number one requested tutorial from this month’s November Citizen Tutorial Request Month. If you would like to see a tutorial you have in mind to make the next week’s top tutorial, vote on the poll HERE.

As a Citizen member you get access to the complete streaming course, including all project files and the ability to download each individual video. The resources in this course include The final .PSD,  and each part’s HD video. Also included are a collection of Photo References that focus on showing different articles of clothing on the male torso.

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Looking for more visual reference on clothing and fabric? Check out our Clothing and Fabric Reference Board.

What you’ll learn in this tutorial series

In this course we will go through the entire process of understanding the basics of fabric, clothing, and the wrinkles that define them. This will help increase believable character concept art with clothing and fabric that read as defined materials such as silk or leather. Want some practice? Check out our Exercise 14 on practicing drawing clothing and fabric on six different examples.


With these tutorials you will have the basics to go out and create realistic clothing wrinkles and fabric folding!

Note: the introduction is freely available for anyone to view to help give you a better preview of the course, Enjoy!