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Hello and welcome to the the second level of the Pixel Course: Animations

course 2

Through this pixel course, Tim Von Rueden takes a closer look at creating pixel art while in Photoshop CS5 using a Wacom Intuos4 tablet.


What you’ll learn in this course

This course continues where the first left off. We initially set up Photoshop to be animation ready and take you through setting up frames and framerate and how to save these animations out as .GIFs. After a quick demo of animating with a green dot, and blinking, we also take a look at a flag wave animation. We then take Blender Cookie’s mascot, Baker and take him through a Blinking, Idle, Walking, and Jumping animation set.


The resources included in this course

The resources are in the downloadable source files and contain the following: Each of the animation sets in Photoshop with the different layers along with their corresponding GIFs.



To gain access to this course you can signup as a Citizen member of the CG Cookie network for just $18 USD per month. You can sign up for a Citizen account from our membership page HERE.

As a Citizen member you get access to the complete streaming course, including all project files and the ability to download each individual video. To make this series more accessible you now choose to either stream or download any of the videos. To stream the videos, simply click on the thumbnail for that portion and it will automatically load at the top of the page.

Note: the introduction is freely available for anyone to view to help give you a better preview of the course, Enjoy!

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