Tutorial: Finding Inspiration

Overcoming those mental hurdles!



Hey everyone, wanted to share this quick tutorial on finding inspiration and how to overcome mental hurdles while struggling during your work process. Artists from time to time will have periods where they are feeling uninspired, bored, uncreative, and unhappy with their current skill set. This is when you have to face your challenge head on and work through it. Whether it is working on something outside your comfort zone, or walking away for a bit and looking towards unconventional means to find inspiration. Watch the video to find out more and hopefully these tips will help you overcome any hurdle that lies before you!

Citizen members can download the HD video along with the .PSD file from the tutorial!

Feng Zhu tutorial mentioned in tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnflBERf2zM&feature=kp


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15 Responses to “Tutorial: Finding Inspiration”
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    kcsteiner says:


    I’m new here, so probbably you haven’t seen my name, ha ha.

    Nice advise, I think is true, when you do something without any pressure and from your own creativity, you feel free and that alows you to come up with something different and unique, when you have certain parameters, you’re a little limited, I try to cheat myself saying you can do evething you want, sometimes I’ve said well, you cant do this is can’t have this, because it’s from a differnt topic, but by doing that you can do something interesting, what do you think Tim?

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      I fully agree, I think having that freedom gives you a broader sense of what to create. Although when doing client work you have to be sure to create exactly what they are asking for first and then put your personality in after! That way it’s a win win situation.

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    Quan Ta says:

    Hello Tim, I think the download button is linked to Monika’s tutorial files.

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    Kieran Smit says:

    After just coming back from a trip overseas, I finally got around to watching this video… and man, I couldn’t agree more. The amount of amazing things I saw over there just got the creative juices flowing, from plants and fruits, to birds and to the water and landscape in general.

    Once I came back home, I was able to see past what I normally saw every day, and gather more inspiration from those once “boring” almost ignored doodads around the place. There was even a piece of wrapping paper from a gift that sparked an imagination wildfire!

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      Kieran you hit it on the head. Being able to see the extraordinary in the what is typically mundane!

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    jayd says:

    Hey Tim–great piece on inspiration–also, I went over and grabbed the Alchemy software—what a neat program—kind of a scribbler with teeth. Regarding the vid: now I am looking at everything on my much cluttered desk as a source of inspiration. Thanks!

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      haha that’s awesome, yeah I really enjoy alchemy for creating mirrored images. Keep playing with it and I’m sure you’ll learn to enjoy it as well.

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    primmly says:

    Thank you for this video! It’s been a few weeks now that I’ve noticed a lack of inspiration and I think that this was the push I needed to try something new and hopefully find that inspiration again! Definitely going to try out that Alchemy program.

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    aviaterias says:

    This is exacly what I needed right now.
    thanks for a awesome video and motivation
    I go really inspired to go home and draw without any pressure.
    you are awesome 😀

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    Tom Pace says:

    Hi Tim, I find that many ideas that jump into my head, I have not the technical skill to render. This video is really nice, and I am studying as much as possible the last week, despite the holidays! So my inspiration is hindered by ability to execute, but that is slowly going away. Very slowly, but surely. I really like your DONT QUIT note, best part of the vid, IMHO!

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