CG Cookie Brushes!

UPDATE – April 2015 – 24 New Brushes Available!

Currently we have download packs available in Photoshop CS6 and soon for CS5/Gimp!

First are the free basic brushes.

These are your “go-to” brushes. In my opinion, these are the ones you should be working with most, especially when laying down your foundations of a piece.  Most tutorials/livestreams I try to use the basic Hard Edge or the Chalk Brush to showcase how you don’t need fancy brushes, but they can be very effective at saving time and created detailed patterns/textures that would take much longer with just a basic brush. Hope you enjoy them!

Free CG CookieBasic Brushes DOWNLOAD

Not a Citizen member? Get this full resource plus others as a Citizen member!

Citizen members login to download the Complete Cet

( ^ includes the basic brushes as well, so no need to download both links)

or Buy the Complete Brush Set for $5 HERE.

The Complete Brush Download includes the Basic, Skin, Hair, Chain, Stitch, Texture, Chaos, Metal, Nature, Creature, Pattern, Male, Female, Zipper, Fence, Bolts and Extra Brushes! These are brushes that are meant to add texture, be more efficient with time, and give the piece something to work over/with. There are 78 brushes total for you to use in your work!

Below is the graph for the NEW brushes available!



Looking for More? Check Out Our Brush Related Tutorials

– Check out how you can create and color an entire character concept piece using solely the soft-edge circle brush. Tutorial: Soft Edge Brush Character


brushtut1Looking for brushes to give a more traditional feel? Check out our free tutorial on doing just that! Tip: Give Any Brush a More Traditional Look


Thanks for checking out our brushes page, stay tuned for more brush updates as we create more!

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34 Responses to “CG Cookie Brushes!”
  1. Posts: 1

    Perhaps hair brushes, some fiber brushes, various texture brushes, maybe some leaf brushes, imitation real life brushes (Dry, wet, inking) and some splatter brushes for good measure.

  2. Posts: 1
    chanree says:

    Texture brush and blending brush would be good ^^ coral brush (since they’re awesome) or make a own symbol brush of the cookie ^^

  3. Posts: 1
    sythgara says:

    Speedpaint brushes would be great. I’ve had tried some before, but they never achieve that sharp, but textured effect. Unless I am doing something wrong. (I’m talking about organic paintings, characters, environments, not cities)

  4. Posts: 2

    Is it possible at all to have some of the brushes converted to Manga Studio versions? ^^;

  5. Posts: 11
    blaizard123 says:

    as addition to the Chain pack: Ropes and or other types of threads(probably can be a pack for it self)

  6. Posts: 1
    jamesdaniel says:

    Please could we also have access to any brush alphas that are used by the brushes? I for one can’t afford photoshop, so I use krita instead. The only downside is that it can’t open .abr files.

    If you could that would be very helpful, thank you!

  7. Posts: 7
    pixelpixie says:

    More painterly brushes, like proper oil painty ones that leave strokes like on a canvas. Also a perfect sketch collection.

  8. Posts: 1
    Jihye Lee says:

    I’d love to see a set of realistic brushes, like realistic oil paint, watercolor, and perhaps a quick pencil sketching brush? :)
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  9. Posts: 1
    knau says:

    Greeble brush? I don’t know how feasible it is, but something for quick painting random metal plating, pipes, antennae, gear details. Blast damage, bullet holes effects as well.

    • Posts: 2
      silkira says:

      I’m having the same problem. When I try to load the brushes, Photoshop comes back saying that it could not load the brushes because they are not compatible. I have other brushes that load just fine. I’m running Photoshop CS5 on Windows 8.

      • Posts: 46
        richard w says:

        Hi guys,

        Tim scoured the internet for a solution, but it seems CS6 brushes will not work in CS5. Tim has a computer that still has CS5 installed and is looking to re-create these brushes and have them ready to download by next Monday!

      • Posts: 385

        There is now a separate CS5 pack download available! Let me know if these work right for you!

      • Posts: 2
        silkira says:

        Sorry for the late reply (I had to go on a short hiatus). Thanks so much for going through the trouble of recreating them. They’re working great. ^_^

  10. Posts: 2
    Paul says:

    Citizen complete brush pack doesn’t seem to work with gimp 2.8.6 – anyone else tried it with Gimp and had success?

    • Posts: 46
      richard w says:

      Brushes made for CS6 don’t seem to work in GIMP; although PhotoShop brushes should be compatible with GIMP. Tim is currently working on re-creating the brushes with CS5, you could try that version when it’s available, as GIMP could be looking for CS5 compatibility; CS5 pack should hopefully be available on Monday.

      • Posts: 2
        Paul says:

        Thanks Richard! Just downloaded the CS5 pack and they worked like a charm – and thanks to Tim for the brushes!

  11. Posts: 1

    I REALLY like these brushes but I don’t have that level photoshop…is there a possibility of them being released for gimp or sai?

  12. Posts: 2
    Ray Ferrer says:

    Is there any chance you would make this Brush set available for CS5– I would be so grateful.

    • Posts: 2
      Ray Ferrer says:

      Sorry– just saw the CS5 set– you guys are on top of your game. Thanks.

  13. Posts: 6
    bluegoose says:

    Thanks for these brushes! they are terrific! I’m so excited to try them out.

  14. Posts: 1
    cocheret says:

    How about instructions for installing brushes. 😉 I guess I’ll google it.

    • Posts: 11
      blaizard123 says:

      once you download it, all you need to do is click on the brush pack(for photoshop at least), after you click on the file, it should open photoshop, all you need to do now is check if it’s there

  15. Posts: 31
    Tom Pace says:

    I think I’ve almost asked 2-3 times in various places (CoCo Livestream, Community, etc) to get a CS5 version of the brushes.. Somehow I never noticed the separate CS5 brushes. But have just discovered them now and I’m a happy camper. Happy Citizen member, heh.

  16. Posts: 3
    gdark999 says:

    are these brushes available for gimp yet? and is the whole set available for $5 to citizens only?

    • Posts: 3
      gdark999 says:

      the reason I’m asking is that I downloaded the basic brushes and it didn’t work with gimp. I have 2.72 or something. does it only work with 2.8?

  17. Posts: 25

    Thank you so much for making these available for us :) There are some awesome ones in here that I use on a regular basis!

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