Under the Bridge Environment Part 1

Hello everyone and welcome to part one of this Environment tutorial with Paul Hoefener.

Citizen members can download the .PSD with each of the layers, the brushes used, the reference pictures, and the HD version of the tutorial video.

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paul_featureIn this citizen tutorial, Paul takes you though creating an environment through different techniques of matte painting and coloring over. You can see the process step by step on how Paul took reference pictures of his own to create a matte painting.

Look forward to part 2!

Thanks for checking out this Environment Tutorial. If you have any comments or questions leave them in the section below!

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9 Responses to “Under the Bridge Environment Part 1”
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    johnh says:

    Excellent work Paul, looking forward to part II. You guys are all so clever :)

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    I was born in ozark missouri! and I lived in eldon until I was like two years old.

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      The Ozarks are absolutely Beautiful! I was fortunate enough to grow up in a part of the state with hills similar to that region! If you ever get a chance go and check out silver dollar city in Branson Missouri.

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    really liked this, was wanting some enviro stuff for a while :D. also couple of audio problems like echo and different volumes but hey no ones perfect and also around 18:00 bottom left window looks like there’s a face tehe.

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      Thanks, Glad you enjoyed! Yes, the volume consistency is something I will try and improve in future videos. I think it is more pronounced on headphones. Thanks For pointing it out though.

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