Spring 2013 Contest Winners Announced!

Hello and Great Entries Everyone! The contest is over and the results are in!

This has been a fun contest for us here and seeing the entries come in with different interpretations of using a color to inspire your character piece. With almost 100 entries, this was one of our biggest contests yet! We wanted a contest that was left more open for interpretation for the artists, and we were certainly not let down. Thanks again to everyone that entered and I hope you learned something new with your piece!

If you’re wondering what this is all about, check back to the contest announcement page HERE!

  • The first, second, and third place winners were based on overall technique, quality, and originality. For this contest, the judges included JonathanWes, Kent, and myself (Tim).
  • The Community Cookie was based on having the most “likes” on our Concept Cookie facebook page. You can view all of the entries on our facebook page here: Spring 2013 Contest Entries
  • For the winners: Expect us to contact you sometime within the next few days for the details on the prizes you have won!

There were some great entries and the four of us had different opinions on which were our favorites and which ones we felt were the winners. So here are some of the entries that gathered some favorites but just came up short among the official top 3.



blue girl

Without further delay, here are the standing results:

Community Choice and Third Place

The Community Favorite Award  happened to also win Third Place in the standings and will receive two free months of citizen. This goes to corviday with the depiction of Teal.


This entry had a lot of initial standout presence. It was bold and really made it clear what color they were highlighting. The color harmony was highlighted by an interesting character and design and stood out among the others. I would have liked to see more of that polished detail throughout the piece but it is a well done piece that I can’t stop seeing the smiley face below her feet =].

Second Place

In second place receiving the Second Place Award along with three months of citizen and a 50$ amazon gift card goes to galit and the depiction of Red.


This one literally jumps out at you. It is playful, energetic, and full of vibrant hues to bring the color that they focused on, which was red (as if I needed to point that out) Well done rendering of a character I could easily see in a Dreamworks movie and had a character personality to it in just a single image. Great job!

First Place

In first place receiving the First Place Award along with receiving a full year of citizen, a 100$ gift card to amazon, and being featured across the sites for the month of May goes to Hieu Nguyen with the depiction of Blue.


 It was close but in the end, this submission won over the most votes and is our Spring 2013 Winner! It is a strong concept which has many different elements working in it’s favor. The different shards around her upper half and the spinning ring give the impression that she is a sorcerer of high status and power, this helped tell the story of who she is. The rendering quality of the silky dress and gold belt showed off the technique of the artist. Great balance of colors throughout and a great depiction of the color blue. But there’s nothing to be blue for this winner. Congratulations!

Thanks for checking out our Spring 2013 Contest! Check back sometime in summer for the next contest!

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11 Responses to “Spring 2013 Contest Winners Announced!”
  1. Posts: 1

    Omg I was so over exicted to see my picture up there in the ones that just came short off the top three!! I’m delighted!! Well done to the fantastic winners and their beautiful pieces, and well done to Concept Cookie! Absolutely loved taking part in the contest and looking forward to the next one! :)

  2. Posts: 1
    vangku90 says:

    Grats to all the winners! Keeps me inspired to keep improving on my own artwork and hopefully win one of these contests someday! Keep being awesome!

  3. Posts: 7

    Congrats to the winners!
    All are deserving entries. Hieu Nguyen’s entry is my personal favourite.
    Good work everyone… cheers!

  4. Posts: 1
    corviday says:

    Excellent entries from everyone – certainly enjoyed seeing all of them in the gallery.
    Congratulations to the rest of the winners~

  5. Posts: 2
    Mircea Anca says:

    Congrats to the winners! Very good decision making. well deserved no.#1, it was also my first choice.

  6. Posts: 3
    anthony c says:

    Beautiful work all around.
    Congratulations and enjoy your well deserved spoils.

  7. Posts: 36
    shoze says:

    cool! thanks for the win! :) even more appreciated considering all the great submissions.

  8. Posts: 1
    Aspir3 says:

    Congrats to all winners!

    @ Tim Von Rueden: It’s kinda funny i thought the same about Galit’s Picture and the Dreamworks movie. 😀 It looks like the Sandman from the Dreamworks movie “Rise of the Guardians” 😀

    • Posts: 640

      I bit, it’s the first reference than came to mind, but it was done differently enough that I could appreciate it on its own =]

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