Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts

Hello and Welcome to this Tip on customizing your keyboard shortcuts.

In this getting started tip tutorial, I take you through customizing your keyboard shortcuts. After using Photoshop for a while you may notice your left hand working just as much as your right hand is drawing, and vice-versa if you’re a lefty =]. This tutorial is to show you how to set up your keyboard shortcuts that are personalized for what you use the most.

Photoshop has pre-set shortcuts embedded inside the software when you first open it up. Here are some great pics representing what those are for both a pc and a mac.

PC Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts from Smashing Magazine

Mac Photoshop Keyboard shortcuts from Photoshop Training Channel

Customizing your Keyboard Shortcuts Step by Step

1. Find the menu under EDIT > KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS


2. The Keyboard Shortcut menu opens up and keep it on the Keyboard Shortcut tab.


3. Find the shortcut you are looking to edit. For example if you’re looking for the Liquify filter to create a keyboard shortcut for, find it under the filter tab as you would normally under the top menu bar. From there you can type in what you would prefer the shortcut to be!


4. Don’t forget that certain shortcuts won’t be under the default APPLICATION MENU but rather the TOOL menu located here:


Thanks for checking out this getting started tip on customizing keyboard shortcuts! If you have any comments or questions, leave them in the section below!

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8 Responses to “Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts”
  1. Posts: 6
    Casey Wagner says:

    Apple doesn’t like lefties. There’s no ‘control’ button on the right side of the keyboard. That drives me nuts.

  2. Posts: 1
    Marko says:

    By topic –
    The scenes on this field would have cured anybody of war. (c)William Tecumseh Sherman link

  3. Posts: 1

    You generally use the ‘command’ button instead of the ctrl button on Apple systems. And there are two of them 😉

  4. Posts: 19
    glakie says:

    Hi Tim: Thanks for the tips and the links. Looking up shortcuts is nothing short of a pain. Having a cheat sheet is a blessing when you don’t want to break concentration. Thanks again

  5. Posts: 12
    franbear says:

    This is very helpful! I may have to get the short cut keyboard, I can never remember anything…

  6. Posts: 4
    drailer says:

    I recommend changing “Step Backward” to Command-Z, replacing “Undo.” This allows you to have Photoshop behave like any other drawing program.

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