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Exclusive Resource: Character Modeling Sheets | Miko

Hello and Welcome to Citizen Exclusive Resource Pack of Character Modeling Sheets!

In this Exclusive Resource pack we are bundling up Miko in two detailed, clean turnaround character modeling sheets done by Tim Von Rueden. The first is a blank canvas leaving him nude, to show his proportions and is ready for use as a reference or as a base for your characters. The second is an example of the bare turnaround sheet with his original outfit on. In the source files are a .PSD and . JPEG of the turnaround modeling sheets. The .PSD versions come in layers and is set at a very high resolution for you to zoom in and check out the details and line work.

Why are turnarounds so important?

In concept art,

Character modeling sheets take out any fancy lighting, poses, angles, and leaves you with just the character and their outfit. This helps push the strength of the designs and overall appeal. You are really able to create a believable, functional wardrobe. Even if the charactert is mythical, it still has to feel like it works together.

A few weeks ago I gave the Krystal turnarounds as an exclusive resource, I figured we should give a male counterpart as well.

For this particular character, i wanted to give off the impression that he is a loner who lives recluse in the same forest setting as our previous character modeling sheets, Krystal. He lives, not in a societal village but rather outside of a hamlet, so a rugged look is more fitting. He wears the long sleeves as his protection from the environment and as a sentimental gesture. In the story he is a rebel type character so adding the scratches, hinge and stains were added details to give more grittiness to him and give the viewer more of a backstory without having to say anything. And the shorts give more mobility in comparison to pants and the boots were once again placed on for an unforgiving forest floor.

If you would like to learn how to create modeling sheets on your own…

Below are are two tutorials teaching you how to do so in both the Gimp and Photoshop software,

        Photoshop: Creating a Female Character Turnaround Modeling Sheet

        Gimp: Creating a Male Character Turnaround Modeling Sheet

Thanks for viewing and if you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comment section below ↓

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6 Responses to “Exclusive Resource: Character Modeling Sheets | Miko”
  1. Posts: 70
    Daniel Wentzell Jr. says:

    Thanks Tim,

    He will fit in quite nicely. Do I detect a bit of a self portriat in this piece? lol


  2. Posts: 13
    Andy says:

    finally got the chance to be a citizen..^_^

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